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rectangular ironing table FBJ-SE 130x80 cm with M-1720

Rectangular Ironing Table Mod. FBJ-SE 130X80 CM With Universal Ironing Buck M-1720

Industrial ironing, clothes manufacturing and professional laundry.

Don’t settle for conventional machines. You can have more.

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Japanese Technological Quality
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Naomoto markets machines, ironing tables and accessories for clothing manufacturing, industrial ironing systems for laundry and machinery for garment industry with the highest quality and technical standards for:

Fashion and clothing companies

Tailor’s shops




Hotels and accommodation facilities

Socio-sanitary structures

Not simple machinery, but tailor-made solutions

Many different companies and realities, with profoundly disparate needs in terms of yield and

Naomoto is not limited to commercialize professional ironing, clothes manufacturing and laundry
machines, but provides exclusively for its customers the ability to customize the solution chosen.

Systems for intermediate operations such as ironing tables, irons, sponging and fusing machines.

Systems for final operations such as pressing machines, toppers and dummies.

Systems for the automotive sector.

Whether it is fine fabrics, clothing or car seats, their ironing and manufacturing are key aspects in
order to offer a superior service, which transmits a feeling of quality and attention to details
from the first glance, keeping intact the nature of the original fabric.

All the assistance you need, always with you

Only Naomoto offers an efficient, quick and precise assistance service for all its ironing, clothing manufacturing and laundry systems.

Technical Assistance and Spare Parts:

tel. +39 0302148029


If you care about the quality of products, whether clothes or fabrics, choose only Naomoto systems.

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