Bergamo Creattiva XXVII° Edition

This year we’ve been once again guests at Creattiva, the manual arts fair, from 5th to 8th October  2023.

For this edition  we’ve provided our tables and irons to the Fashion Half Maraton‘s contestants, who faced each others with thread and needle, to complete a garments in 3 days.

They are only allowed the materials given and they must stick to the theme chosen by the jury… this year it was “The Perfect Guest”

The winners took home some beautyful sewing machines, provided by Juki Italy.


Moreover, we had the possibility of let people try our products at our stand.

We brought four different ironing tables and our semi-professional steam generators line.


Here are some pictures of this event… we can’t wait to go back next year!

the ironing tables at our stand, completed with steam generators


our stand was right in front of the competitors, perfect place to take a look at their creations!


the tables for the seamstresses


details on a dress

one of the machines that Juki Italia landed to the contestatns to sew their garments

the three dresses crowned at the runway show


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