Enter The World 4.0

Thanks to collaborations of different sectors, Naomoto Europa Srl is able to satisfy requests for machines for industry 4.0.



System 4.0 can be accessed in in two ways:

  • Using Username and Password
  • Using the Barcode Reader (on request Badge/RFID Reader)

Users can be freely created and 3 classes can be set: operator, technician and supervisor.



The operator page allows you to move within the system and enjoy the different features, including:

  • Report a failure
  • Managing the production
  • Access the page reserved for technicians

Operator Page


  • More than 30 automatic failures reported by the system:
    The faults are highlighted on the operator panel (on the appropriate page) and by e-mail to the addressed set.
  • 6 manual failures reported by the operator.
  • Faults history.
  • Fault signal tower.
  • Remote assistance with dedicated portal.

Fault Page


It is possible to create up to 99999 production programs divided between 10 categories; depending on the type of machine it is possible to set the expected times for the various production phases.

For each processed article a report will be generated with date, time, all the actual process times, the identification of the operator and the parameters used.


DIAGRAMThe machine can interfaces with all types of business management software through:

  • Database MySQL / MS SQL
  • OPC UA
  • MQTT
  • FTP
  • SQLite

These are just some of the features that the 4.0 system offers and it is very important to consider that there is the possibility to require Hardware and Software costume with customizations, additional connections or accessories.

For any information, questions or curiosities you can find our contacts in the homonymous page.