Automatic Bagger Mod. PS-240HE

The automatic bagger PS-240HE is characterized by a solid structure and a durable and sturdy frame.

It’s Provided with 3 work modes:

  • Automatic: loading and unloading via transport system, automatic bagging (max lenght 149 cm);
  • Semi-automatic cycle: manual loading and unloading, automatic bagging (max lenght 149 cm);
  • Manual: manual loading and unloading, manual bagging (no max lenght);

NB. the transportation system is not included with the bagger.

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The machine is suitable for bagging hanged clothes (singles and multiples) and long garment, in fact it can bag up to a length of 149 cm (The measurements are unlimited in manual mode).

The load is bidirectional and therefore it is possible to load from left to right or from right to left.

The machine can make only one type of sealing (no linear sealing).

The lenght of the polyethylene can be adjusted past the garment’s lenght.

The machine is suitable to bag all kinds of garments.

Technical Features Of The Automatic Bagger PS-240HE:

  • Approximate capacity: up to 280 pieces/hour
  • Max. Garment lenght in automatic/semiautomatic mode: 149 cm (from the top of the hanger)
  • Max. Garment lenght in manual mode: unlimited
  • Electricity Supply: 400V  3P 50 Hz
  • Electricity use: 4,5A
  • Air pressure: 6Bar
  • Air consumption: 10 litres/cycle
  • Air tube diameter: 3/8″
  • Net weight: 360 Kg
  • Gross weight: 422 Kg
  • Installed machine dimensions (width x depth x height): 170 x 134 x 227 cm
  • Dimensions for transport (width x depth x height): 114 x 120 x 244 cm

The Following Components Will Be Necessary For the Installation:

  • N. 4 pc | Anchor Bolt M12
  • N. 1 pc | Sphere Valve 3/4
  • N. 1 pc | Sphere Valve 3/8
  • Switch: around 10 A