Automatic Double Shirt Ironing Machine Mod. LP-190E-V2

La Automatic Double Shirt Ironing Machine LP-190E-V2 is characterized by an high quality finishing standard, for an unmatched finish in the field.

The body is versatile and equipped with side expanders to work with a larger variety of garments, from size S to XXXL.

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Tavolo da Stiro Aspirante FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900mm | Naomoto

Il tavolo da stiro aspirante rettangolare FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900 è dotato di aspirazione. Può essere equipaggiato con diversi tipi di accessori.

Product Brand: Naomoto

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Thanks to the Up&Down function of the sleeves, the automatic double shirt ironing machine is perfect for any type of design, from European to American.

The various operations are simple and intuitive, and it can reach a productive capacity of around 130 garments/hour with 2 workers.

Technical Features of the Automatic Double Shirt Ironing Machine LP-190E-V2:

  • Alimentazione: 400V 3P 50Hz
  • Consumo di energia: 2,3kW
  • Pressione aria: 6Bar
  • Consumo aria: 56 litri/ciclo
  • Diametro tubo aria: 3/8″
  • Pressione vapore: 6Bar
  • Consumo vapore: 100Kg/h
  • Diametro tubo vapore: entrata 3/4″, uscita 1/2″ x 3
  • Peso netto: 1100Kg
  • Dimensioni (larghezza x profondità x altezza): 238 x 225 x 210 cm
  • Dimensioni per il trasporto (larghezza x profondità x altezza): 185 x 225 x 210 cm
  • Electricity Supply: 400V 3P 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 2,3 kW
  • Air pressure: 6BAR
  • Air consumption: 56 litres/cycle
  • Air tube diameter: 3/8″
  • Steam Pressure: 6BAR
  • Steam Consumption: 100 Kg/h
  • Steam hose diameter: opening 3/4″, exit 1/2″ x 3
  • Net weight: 1100Kg
  • Measurements (lenght x width x height): 238 x 225 x 210 cm
  • Measurements for transportation (lenght x width x height): 185 x 225 x 210 cm

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