Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine Mod. LP-550E-V2

The automatic shirt ironing LP-550E-V2 is characterized by a slim body with side expanders, which proves to be perfect for working with a wide variety of graments, from size S ro XXL, and it’s able to guarantee an excellent and good quality finish.

The blowing power regulation is ideal for finishing any material, from the most delicate to the sturdiest.

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The various operations prove to be easy and the automatic shirt ironing machine LP-550E-V2 stands out for her particularly simple use.

Moreover it’s equipped with:

  • A powerful blowing engine;
  • fabric upholstery with a smooth surface.

This machine, specific for shirt ironing, has been created specifically for the laundry and tailoring field.

Technical Features Of The Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine LP-550E-V2:

  • Approximate capacity: up to 60 shirts/hour
  • Electricity supply: three-phase 400V 50Hz
  • Energy consumption: 3,6A
  • Air pressure: 6Bar
  • Air consumption: 43,2 litres/cycle
  • Air hose diameter: 3/8″
  • Steam pressure: 6Bar
  • Steam consumption: 45 Kg/h
  • Steam hose diameter: entrance 3/4″, exit 1/2″ x3
  • Net weight: 580 Kg
  • Measurements (width x depth x height): 210,5 x 112 x 190,5 cm

The Following Components Will Be Necessary For Installation:

  • N. 4 pc | Anchor bolt M12
  • N. 1 pc | Sphere valve 3/4
  • N. 1 pc | Sphere valve 3/8
  • N. 3 pc | Steam Trap 1/2
  • Switch: around 15 A

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