Frontal Ironing Table Mod. FBJ 127X65 CM With Jacket Finishing Buck M-01714

The frontal table FBJ 127×65 cm with M-01714 is modular and assembled on wheels and adjustable feet.

It is not heated and is equipped with an automatic elecromechcanical blow-suction exchange.

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The aspirator is incorporated and the heigth adjustable pedal is practical and ergonomic.

The basic model allows you to mount 1 or 2 arms and to fix U-shape with right or left point, rectangular shapes or shapes with central attachment.

Blowing and suction adjustment with manual system.

The model presented includes a painted wooden frontal supporting surface measuring 127×65 cm and a jacket finishing buck mod. M-01714 that measures 81,5 cm.

The coating materials are top-qualiy, durable and washable.

The ironing table is easy to install and maintain, also ensuring significant energy saving.


Jacket Finishing Buck Mod. M-01714 For Frontal Ironing Table Mod. FBJ 127X65 CM

Jacket Finishing Buck Mod. M-01714

Main Features:

  • Blowing
  • Suction
  • Heigth adjustable
  • Automatic height adjustable system of the ironing board

Technical Features Of Frontal Table FBJ 127X65 CM With M-01714:

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Wattage: 740 W
  • Supporting surface dimensions: 127 x 65 cm


– Electric plug not included.


– Swing Arm Support

– Swing Arm

– Customized Bucks

– Detached Pedal

– Support for Nebulization system

– Nebulization system

– Filter for air

– Up&down System

–  4.0 System



Additional information

Main Shape

Rectangular Shape, Jacket Finishing Buck


Height Adjustable

Blowing and Vacuuming

By Inverter, Mechanical Adjustment, With Blowing, With Suction


Without Arm