Man’s Jacket And Jacket Ironing Press Mod. IPN-VH-23-08A-083.1

Man’s Jacket and Neck Ironing Press with vertical movement frame is equipped with n. 3 ergonomic shapes, specifically developed for ironing the collar and the neck, which ensure a quality result.

The shapes are homogeneously heated through steam and equipped with uniform suctioning.

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Neck and Man's Jacket Ironing Press Mod. IPN-VH-23-08A-083.1

The man’s jacket and neck ironing press can memorize up to 30 different programs and is equipped with:

  • Data transfer and backup
  • control through microprocessor
  • Vertical movement and exact positioning of the upper shapes
  • Pressure control which is continuously programmable (digitally)
  • Suctioning in the bottom shape, programmable in step
  • Suctioning in the upper shape
  • Blowing in the bottom shape, started by the program and detached pedal
  • Steaming in the upper shape
  • First-choice upholsteries
  • Safety Devices

Special Equipments:

  • Vertical movement in the upper shape
    The upper shape’s vertical movement, which can be precisely controlled, positions the shape accurately thanks to specific sensors, which consider the shape’s weight and utilize the modified “differential pressure control”.
  • Differential Pressure Control
    The continuous pressure regulation from 0 to 0,6 Bar, throughout each phase of the ironing process, gives a delicate touch to the fabric, by way of the modified “differential pressure control”.

Technical Characteristics of The Neck and Man Jacket Ironing Press:

  • Voltage: 230 V 1P
  • Steam pressure: 5 Bar
  • Suctioning: 130 mbar
  • Compressed air: 6 Bar