Electric Steam Generator NBN-115Bb Completed With Brush Mod. SW-15B

The steam generator NBN-115Bb is equipped with:

  • Automatic safety system for water draining that avoids the risk of burning
  • Ergonomic wheels to comfortably move the generator
  • Steam brush model SW-15B

Moreover, the maintenance is easy and safe.

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Thanks to the functional button placed on the control panel you’ll only need one touch to activate the automatic draining in total safety, avoiding the annoying draining process before or after using the generator.

The steam brush is useful for garment finishing and high quality products and can be used on hunged up clothes.

Technical Features Of The Steam Generator NBN-115Bb:

  • Voltage: 240V 1Ph
  • Electrical power: 3,66W
  • Pressure: 2,5Bar
  • Steam production: 4,95 kg/h
  • Measurements (width x lenght x height): 30x50x61 cm
  • Generator measurements + shaft: 30x50x148~187 cm
  • Generator weight: 23 Kg
  • Generator weight + brush with shaft: 25 Kg

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