Suctioning Ironing Table Mod. FB-900 With Seams Opening Ironing Buck M-910 (With Tensor Device) Right Point

The suctioning ironing table FB-900 with ironing buck M-910 (with tensor device) it’s designed specifically for trousers seams opening operations; the buck can be switched to cater different needs.

The machine has adjustable height and is equipped with a separate suctioning system.

The ironing surface is non heated.

Suspension Device and Tensor Device can be included as optionals.



Tavolo da Stiro Aspirante FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900mm | Naomoto

Il tavolo da stiro aspirante rettangolare FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900 è dotato di aspirazione. Può essere equipaggiato con diversi tipi di accessori.

Product Brand: Naomoto

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The table includes a seam opening ironing buck mod. M-910 (1033072) which measures 1250x80x60 mm, completed with tensor device.

It’s easy to install and upkeep, in addition to guaranteeing considerable energy savings.

The covers are made with first choice materials, durable and washable.

forma stiro gamba

Ironing Buck Mod. M-910

Main Features:

  • Non adjustable suctioning
  • Adjustable height
  • adjustable suspension device
  • Iron hose handler included
  • Electric cable to connect one iron included
  • Switch to exclude tensor device

Technical Features of The Suctioning Ironing Table Mod. FB-900 With Seams Opening Ironing Buck M-910:

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Wattage: 740W
  • Ironing Buck M-910 Measurements: 1250x80x60 mm


– Electric Cable not included.


– Chimney

– Suspension Device

– LED Illumination

– Customized Buck

Catalogue Bucks

– Support for Nebulization system

– Nebulization system

– System 4.0