U-Shape Ironing Table Mod. FB2000XNE 117X24X36 CM With Sleeve Ironing Buck M-220N

The table FB2000XNE with sleeve ironing buck M-220N is assembled on wheels, not heated, with pneumatic blow-suction exchange and main shape/arm pneumatic exchange.

The aspirator is incorporated and the height-adjustable pedal is practical and ergonomic.

Suitable for any ironing operation.

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The table includes a main U-shape measuring 117x24x38 cm and a sleeve ironing buck mod. M-220N, inserted on an arm support, that measures 60x6x9 cm.

The ironing table is easy to install and maintain, also ensuring significant energy saving.

The coating materials are top quality, durable and washable.


Sleeve Ironing Buck Mod. M-220N For U-Shape Ironing Table Mod. FB2000XNE

Sleeve Ironing Buck Mod. M-220N

Main Features:

  • Non-adjustable blowing
  • Non-adjustable suction
  • Height adjustable

Technical Features Of Table FB2000XNE With Buck M-220N:

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Wattage: 740W
  • Air pressure: 6 Bar
  • Main shape dimensions: 117 x 24 x 38 cm


– Electric plug not included.

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Additional information

Main Shape



With Arm


Height Adjustable

Arm Buck

Sleeve Ironing Buck

Blowing and Vacuuming

Electric Adjustment, With Blowing, With Suction