Rectangular Ironing Table Mod. FBJ-SE 130X80 CM With Universal Ironing Buck M-1720

The rectangular ironing table FBJ-SE 130×80 cm with M-1720 is modular, thanks to the possibility of mounting 1 or 2 arms, on which you can exchange the different bucks.

It’s also equipped with:

  • Automatic electromechanical blow-suction exchange
  • Built-in vacuum motor
  • Height adjustable pedal, which makes it practical and ergonomic


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The Rectangular ironing table FBJ-SE is non-heated and therefore guarantees considerable energy savings.

It’s assembled on wheels and adjustable feet, which make it easy to move and position.

The control of the suction power is via Inverter system.

The table is also equipped with:

  • Breaked engine in counter current
  • Separate control of the suction and blowing on the main shape and on the arm

The basic model allows you to mount 1 or 2 arms and to fix U-shapes with rigth or left point, rectangular shapes or shapes with central attachment.

The model presented includes a rectangular main shape measuring 130×80 cm and a universal ironing buck mod. M-1720 that measures 76x26x30 cm.

The coating materials are top-quality, durable and washable.

The ironing table is easy to install and maintain.


Universal Ironing Buck Mod. M-1720 For Rectangular Ironing Table Mod. FBJ-SE 130X80 CM

Universal Ironing Buck Mod. M-1720

Main Features:

  • Blowing
  • Suction
  • Height adjustable
  • Automatic height adjustbale system of the ironing board

Technical Features Of Rectangular Ironing Table FBJ-SE 130X80 CM With M-1720:

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Wattage: 750W
  • Main shape dimensions: 130 x 80 cm
  • Height adjustment range: 10 cm


– Electric plug not included.


– Swing Arm Support

– Swing Arm

– Customized Bucks

– Detached Pedal

– Support for Nebulization system

– Nebulization system

– Filter for air

– Up&down System

–  4.0 System

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Additional information


Height Adjustable


With Arm

Forma Braccio

Universal Buck

Forma Principale

Rectangular Shape

Soffiaggio e Aspirazione

By Inverter, Mechanical Adjustment, With Blowing, With Suction