Topper Mod. NMF-230NE 4.0

The NMF-230NE 4.0 is equipped with a closed finishing room that can keep temperature and steam high, so as to ensure a higher quality of the result.

It’s possible to work with different types of garments: elastic pants,jeans, cotton pants and shorts.

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Tavolo da Stiro Aspirante FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900mm | Naomoto

Il tavolo da stiro aspirante rettangolare FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900 è dotato di aspirazione. Può essere equipaggiato con diversi tipi di accessori.

Product Brand: Naomoto

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The topper NMF-230NE 4.0 guarantees comfortable and clean working conditions, thanks to the use of hot air recycling and to the simple loading system.

The Topper NMF-230NE 4.0 Is Also Equipped With:

  • Loading function during finishing operation
  • Adjustment function for waist size and leg length
  • Hip adjustment function:
    – mechanical lock clamps opening
    – pneumatic control for clamps opening
    – anti stretch device
    – optional interchangeable pressing shapes (man, womand and kid)
    – universal shape for hipe pressing included
  • Leg pressing adjustment function:
    – pneumatic adjustment for leg tensioning
    – anti stretch device
    – length adjustment by proximity switch
    – revolving lower clamps
    – carriage downwards movements adjustment by micro switch
    – tensioning springs adjustment by micro switch
    – carriage position adjustable in 3 steps
    – carriage limit manual adjustment
  • Machine adjustment function:
    – timer for steaming
    – steaming + blowing
    – timer for blowing
    – inverter controller blowing
    – switch for anti stretch device
  • Security devices:
    – emergency button
    – security rotation laser
  • Control panel:
    – panel switch
    – manual rotation switch
    – length check switch
    – hot air timer
    – steam timer
    – hot air volume adjustment for blowing
    – hot air volume adjustment for steaming
    – limit proximity selector
    – counter
    – length tension on-off selector
    – waist tension stop on-off selector
    – front holding pressure regulator from 0 to 4 Bar
    – waist and hip expansion pressure regulator from 0 to 4 Bar
    – hem clamping pressure regulator from 0 to 4 Bar
  • N. 2 pc | Pneumatic buttons on the upper fram
  • N. 2 pc | Big tensioning trouser clamps
  • N. 1 pc | Timed vacuum system in the upper part of the machine
  • N. 2 pc | Big size side panels on the carousel
  • N. 1 pc | Reinforced cable for pedal set
  • N. 1 pc | Mechanical lock for tensioning trouser clamps

Technical Features:

  • Voltage: 220V 1P
  • Hot air blowing engine power: 0,75kW
  • Steam consumption: 40-50Kg/h 4Bar
  • Dimensions: 1145 w x 1585 l x 1965 h  cm
  • Weight: 430Kg

4.0 Touch Panel for Topper Mod. NMF-230NE:

  • Operator Panel (HMI) Touch Screen 7″
  • Connectiowith internal LAN and Internet
  • Teleassistance from Naomoto Europe or from reseller.
  • Remote control of the machine working.
  • Faults management (Automatic faults or manual)
  • Faults reported via e-mail to selected recipients.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Reports of faults, maintenance and production.
  • Uto 99990 custom programs (9999 x 10).
  • Connection to the ERP or to local database.
  • Connection to a MySql / MS Sql Database
  • Optional Connectiowith protocols MQTT / OPC UA / SQLite / FTP / Modbus.
  • Possibility to add an order to the machine (with the quantity and the program)
  • Possibility of associating a Barcode to each order
  • Customization by request

Each program consists of:

Automatic Settings:

  • Steam time
  • Hot air time
  • Air Power (By Inverter)
  • Pants length regulation

Suggested Settings:

  • 3 Pressures of the Machine suggested to the user (to set manually).

Production report is composed by:
For every item: Date, Ending Hour, Category, Program, Name, Quantity. User, Preparation Time, Steam Time, Hot air Time, Discharge Time, Total Time and Side of the machine (A or B).

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