Uncurling Machine Mod. NK-1FS

The uncurling machine NK-1FS is fast, precise and easy to use; it is able to obtain a high quality finish while maintaining a delicate touch on the fabrics, keeping the texture soft and rich.

Anyone, even an inexperienced operator, can put it into operation and get optimal results.

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Tavolo da Stiro Aspirante FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900mm | Naomoto

Il tavolo da stiro aspirante rettangolare FBAT-NEZ-N 1200X900 è dotato di aspirazione. Può essere equipaggiato con diversi tipi di accessori.

Product Brand: Naomoto

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Thanks to the reverse rotation spiral roller, the fabrics do not suffer tension and size and seams remain unchanged.

The adjustment between roller and conveyor belt also allows to work fabrics of any thickness.

The machine can be installed in any workplace as the steam does not escape, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

The 10 functions can be programmed according to the quality of the fabrics and the parameters of temperature, steaming, suction and speed.

The virbation helps to stretch the fabrics and the included stacer is able to stack up to 30 cm of fabric.

Technical Features Of Uncurling Machine NK-1FS:

  • Voltage: 380V 3 a.c.
  • Motor rated current: 4A
  • Heater rated current: 6-7A
  • Electric capacity: 5,52kW
  • Magnetic switch capacity: 30A
  • Electrical cable: without plug
  • Steam pressure: 4 ~ 6 Bar
  • Steam consumption: 40 ~ 60 Kg/h
  • Air pressure: 7 ~ 10 Bar
  • Air consumption: 315 l/min
  • Plan width: max. 76 cm
  • Belt speed: 1 ~ 8 m/min
  • Steam inlet diameter: 1/2″
  • Connection to condensate separator diameter: 1/2″
  • Discharge connection diameter: 3/8″
  • Air inlet diameter: 1/2″
  • Air discharge diameter: Ø 15 cm
  • Machine body dimensions (width x length x height): 140 x 201 x 141 cm
  • Stacker dimensions (width x length x height): 135 x 225 x 150 cm
  • Minimum space required on the ground with stacker included (width x length x height): 260 x 672,8 x 150 cm
  • Machine body weight: 560 Kg
  • Stacker weight: 185 Kg

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